The Digital District of the Region of Valencia, in collaboration with the National Big Data and Analytics Association (ANBAN) and the ITI (Technological Institute of Computer Science), is organising the first edition of AI Saturdays Valencia. The non-profit initiative promoted by Saturdays.AI comes to Valencia, as it was held with great success in Alicante during the first half of this year.

The objective of Saturdays.AI is to train participants to learn Artificial Intelligence in a collaborative way based on projects, beyond the scope of conventional education. The learning experience is structured into 12 Saturdays on which the #AIFellows (students), led by volunteer facilitators, learn the most important techniques for building real products enhanced by artificial intelligence.

The first half of the course follows a “code2learn” approach, where exercises are carried out to learn the essentials of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The second half of the course, until the demonstration day, is the “build2learn” phase, where the #AIFellows create a project with a social impact using AI in a collaborative way. Finally, on the DemoDay, the Artificial Intelligence projects developed are presented at an event open to the public.

The only requirement for access is having knowledge of programming (Python) and familiarity with Linear Algebra, to be able to enjoy the course. Registration and more information are available on the website