Comunitat Valenciana Digital District will host companies associated with the European Space Agency (ESA) within the framework of collaboration with Aalto University (Finland), which manages one of the most prestigious innovation hubs that the ESA has in Europe. The collaboration has been announced by the president of the Generalitat (regional government) Ximo Puig, who explained that this cooperation will allow Alicante to develop “concerted policies with European aeronautics.”


Comunidad Valenciana Digital Distrtict


The agreement will materialize shortly through the Sociedad de Proyectos Temáticos de la Generalitat Valenciana and the Business Incubation Center Finland, a center associated with the European Space Agency. Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia are part of this prestigious institution. In this research and innovation center, international projects are developed in order to carry out technological solutions that allow progress in various aerospace projects. Companies associated with this Nordic technological hub will be installed in the Comunitat Valenciana Digital District for the development of their projects.

The Business Incubation Center Finland works on the acceleration of ‘start-ups’ and on entrepreneurship programs with the aim of turn its initiatives into real projects for ESA or the European aerospace ecosystem.