Antonio Rodes, CEO of SPTCV, (Society for Thematic Projects of the Valencian Region), José Parrilla, CEO of GGTech and Santos Montiel, general manager of GGTech have presented this morning at GGTech headquarters at Distrito Digital the activity done and the new projects that will be launched during 2020, the growth forecast for this year by the company, and the Hub in the gaming and esports environment, recently launched by GGTech together with Distrito Digital.

Antonio Rodes pointed out during his speech, “the success case that for Distrito Digital has meant the activity and expansion of GGTech, from an initial embryonic initiative, has become a project that has already transcended national borders”.

Distrito Digital y GGTech impulsan un hub de gaming y eSports

Rodes also said that, “the gaming and sports sector has now become a unifying factor that will help to produce a digital ecosystem in the Valencian Region”.

José Parrilla, CEO of GGTech has assured that, “the growth of our company is directly linked to our partners, who have bet for us since our beginnings, such as Amazon which has recently joined the company, Intel, Omen, Mapfre or IECISA. This support has allowed us to take our competition, Amazon University Esports, beyond our borders, specifically to Italy and the United Kingdom, which will mean the participation of more than 300 universities from all over Europe by the end of the year”.

In addition, Santos Montiel, general manager of GGTech said that, “our goal is to convert gaming and esports into a tool to encourage and support the visualization of possible activity environments, both in study and in professional development, creating a reference structure in the educational environment, not only in sports, but also in innovation and applied research”.

Currently GGTech manages the participation of more than 2,000 teams in Spain, between the two leagues it manages, Amazon University Esports and IESports, a league that faces teams from high schools and vocational training, and that in this edition will have the participation of more than 500 schools throughout Spain.