• This is the first activity organized by the Digital District in Castellón, and will also take place this year in Valencia

Alicante, February 21, 2020.- The Comunidad Valenciana Digital District held this Thursday a Conference dedicated to technology in the development of sports entities in the city of Castellón, in which took part the deputy to the Sociedad Proyectos Temáticos de la Comunidad Valenciana (SPTCV), Rufino Selva and the Sports Deputy, Tania Baños. The event was attended by fifty sports entities, federations and clubs.

Distrito Digital deporte Rufino Selva Castellón

This conference, which already had been taken place in Alicante on last November, constitutes the first activity that the Digital District organizes in Castellón, and had the collaboration of the Diputación Provincial of Castellón.

The technical session has been open to the general public although especially focused on sports entities, federations, coordinators, managers, sports professionals, students, coaches, technicians, teachers and other agents interested in improving digitization processes, organization and management procedures in their entities.

Rufino Selva has been satisfied for the success of assistance that this session has had in Castellón. “We have pointed out the digitization processes of the management of sports entities, since they are one of the sectors with the greatest penetration in all kinds of social strata”, he indicated.

Throughout the meeting, “how digitization can affect their structures was touched upon as well from multiple solutions and tools that companies and startups of our ecosystem in the District can provide”, he added.

Distrito Digital Castellón Deporte Rufino Selva

Likewise, the participants have been able to know first-hand real cases experienced by small sports clubs and sports entities in national competition or sports centers and facilities.

In the coming months, the Digital District will organize a conference of these characteristics also in the city of Valencia, in line with the aim of extending the activity of the digital ecosystem to the entire territory of the Comunidad Valenciana.