The I Bootcamp Blockchain Fintech Accelerator @ Alicante has been temporarily postponed, due to the limitation of the activity of the participating companies and entities, due to geographical mobility restrictions. Soon we will announce new dates for the celebration of the bootcamp.

The I Bootcamp Blockchain Fintech Accelerator @ Alicante organized by Comunitat Valenciana Digital District will gather from March 23 to 25 at the technological hub facilities the most innovative projects of the main national and international finsurtech startups and banks and insurance companies from 62 countries . The shortlisted startups come from countries such as the United Kingdom, Mexico, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Finland, Hungary and Greece, and represent the categories of most interest to participating financial institutions: practical blockchain applications for banks and insurers, financial education, contracts smart, well-being and accessibility, tokenization and traceability, international payments and commercial financing.


Aware of the growing importance of the “fintech” sector, – a term that fuses finance and technology referring to companies that are intermediaries in the banking sector -, Digital District has made a firm commitment to promote and boost a first-class meeting order aimed at attracting the best talent and supporting the development of technology businesses so that they join the ambitious innovation ecosystem.

For the organization of this I Bootcamp, Digital District has the services of Nestholma, a company highly specialized in the sector, awarded by public tender, the contract for the launch and development of this outstanding event.

In an event held at the headquarters of the Fundación Conexus in Madrid, the general director of the Sociedad Proyectos Temáticos de la Comunidad Valenciana (SPTCV), Antonio Rodes, accompanied by the CEO of Nestholma, Daniel Collado, presented the news of this I Bootcamp with which Digital District continues to advance on the objective of becoming an innovation factory to attract talent and create new business opportunities.

The Blockchain and Fintech Accelerator team has evaluated 368 proposals, and in the course of the four Pitch days carried out between January and February, in which 52 startups have had the opportunity to present their projects. Likewise, in this process that will conclude in the month of March, the preselection of 9 startups that will take part in the Bootcamp has already been carried out.

Bootcamp activity program

The I Bootcamp Blockchain Fintech Accelerator @ Alicante begins on March 23, with an open first act and an extensive work session dedicated to connecting the different participants in a unique ecosystem that allows them to get to know each other. The scope of each startup’s activity will be analyzed, as well as the possibilities of implementing their respective business models.

On March 24, interactive workshops will be held in which attendees can define possible collaborations, address joint value propositions, learn about the most attractive pilot projects, etc … Likewise, this conference will focus on collaboration models, negotiation of associations, alternative financing channels (preparation for STO), effective piloting and analysis, and the management of innovation projects, among other aspects.

Finally, on March 25, the startups and financial entities will finalize their joint work alliances, and will close the meeting with an open session in which the interaction of all the components of the ecosystem in Alicante will be emphasized.

The program also contemplates an extra day for possible meetings, on March 26, to allow alliances to be finalized, all with the aim that the selected startups have the support of financial institutions to start working and collaborating in the environment of the ecosystem promoted by Comunitat Valenciana Digital District.