Comunitat Valenciana Digital District has launched a work plan to facilitate that the companies of the innovation hub propose innovative solutions for the protection of the sanitary workers and the management of the intervention services against Coronavirus. Our main task has been to carry out mediation work to promote synergies between technology companies, institutions, organizations and other agents of the local society interested in collaborating.

Our main objective, in addition to urgently supplying hospitals and other health services, is that the Region of Valencia can become its own producer of part of the health material and technology necessary to face the pandemic.

Currently, the digital ecosystem includes companies in the sector specialized in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Deep learning; Big Data and Smart Data Business Intelligence, IoT, cloud, sensorization and smart cities; fintech, proptech, edutech, traveltech and edtech; Infrastructure and Connectivity; Hardware production; Software, CRM and multi-platform; Online commerce; Digital Marketing; Cybersecurity, Digital transformation, Gaming and Esports.

Given the current exceptional situation, and aware of the added value that the technology sector can bring, the Conselleria de Innovación, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital, through the Digital District, has led work to promote synergies between technology companies, institutions, organizations and other agents interested in collaborating.


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Technology vs. COVID-19

For this, from the first day of being declared the State of Alarm, Digital District made a consultation with the companies adhered to the project, in order to know their disposition and innovative proposals that could generate quick and effective solutions to any of the problems that are emerging.

This appeal has allowed the gathering of proposals of great interest to apply solutions, among others, with artificial intelligence, to know in real time the availability of health resources, to be able to detect stocks and demands and make an adequate distribution in all centers. Also the adaptation of mobile applications for the registration and control of the people affected by Covid-19, or a platform to facilitate the coordination of the different working groups, to facilitate management and communication in the processes of homologation of the materials.

In the Health field, it has also been proposed to develop or adapt to the characteristics of this coronavirus pandemic some of the existing applications. These apps allow doctors to record the monitoring of treatments prescribed to patients, tests performed, treatments, alerts about medications or treatments not recommended.

Regarding the provision of individual or collective sanitary protection materials, efforts have been directed at the proposal for the production of respirators, masks and screens. Thus, Digital District has actively collaborated with companies and organizations specialized in research and innovation in the logistics of searching for materials and technical solutions. It is also supporting homologation efforts to create a simple model of a respirator with 3D printers, surgical masks and P3 masks (those used in the ICU by doctors who care for coronavirus patients).

Similarly, the Digital District has promoted and supported the commitment by various companies to produce different models of approved material, from which thousands of units may be produced daily for purchase by health institutions.

Companies in the technology sector have demonstrated their willingness to collaborate, many of them offering their industrial equipment for 3D printing and other forms of production.



Fuente: SomosUno EU

Citizen collaboration against the Coronavirus

Other proposals indicated by companies in the technology hub are those aimed at citizen organization and collaboration, such as business portals that allow knowing the availability of products and the influx of public in establishments in real time. The proposal for the creation of an app for internal use by the businesses themselves to manage customer flows stands out.

Neighborhood communities could also access applications that allow them to organize a network to help the most vulnerable residents, and provide the services of preparing shopping lists and the willingness to make purchases.

Some companies linked to Digital District, specialists in the development of digital tools that facilitate teleworking, have offered their services to facilitate the continuity of the activity of companies of all kinds, from web conferences and email to mobile collaboration applications and virtual event platforms.