• The technological hub reaches 150 companies, between installed companies and adds the collaboration of more than 50 institutions and organizations
  • The diversity and synergies within this digital ecosystem allow the strength of its members to be broadened to face greater international challenges.

Comunidad Valenciana Digital District has established itself as a unique technological hub in the Mediterranean, with nearly 150 companies and entities, including 70 companies installed in the complex and 70 other companies and startups integrated as partners, to which we must add the collaboration of 50 institutions and organizations of the entire Valencian Community of the first order.

These round figures reached in the month of April denote the good progress of a project that was born in 2018 promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana to give a boost to the change of production model towards the new economy in the Valencian Community. A new economy based on technological solutions and innovation that, in the current context of exception, has been shown that is more necessary than ever.

Now in the hands of the Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, run by Carolina Pascual, and through the Thematic Projects Society of the Valencian Community (SPTCV), Digital District beats its own expectations and continues to expand its catalog of companies and enriching the diversity of its technological activity.

hub tecnológico único en el mediterráneo

The companies installed are specialized in the development of solutions in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Deep learning; Big Data and Smart Data Business Intelligence; IoT, cloud, sensorization and smart cities; Fintech, proptech, edutech, traveltech and edtech; Infrastructure and Connectivity; Hardware production; Software, CRM and multi-platform; Online commerce; Digital Marketing; Cybersecurity, Digital transformation, Gaming and Esports.

Especially important are the companies that participate in this digital environment as partners, a figure reserved for consolidated and successful technology companies that have spent years working towards their goals and creating wealth by sharing their talent and knowledge.

Distributed throughout the territory of the Valencian Community, there are already about 70 partner firms that have linked their trajectory to the Digital District in the last year. In many cases, they provide consulting services specialized in ICTs, they are experts in the development of technological projects related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Blockchain, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, as well as the IoT environment,; they are examples of success in web design and development, in the field of digital advertising, video game development and eSports.

The diversity and synergies generated within this digital ecosystem represent an added value and provide a force that allows the horizon of possibilities to be expanded for its members.

The greater its business network, the greater the challenges and competitions that its members can face. For this reason, the next step, already imminent, is precisely to strengthen alliances under the Digital District umbrella, to work together and compete to achieve the highest goals in the international arena. A clear example that, in this case, “the whole is much more than the sum of its parts.”