The Distrito Digital Virtual Bootcamp Blockchain & Fintech Accelerator Alicante has successfully fulfilled its objective of uniting the top startups in the sector and the main financial institutions. The online event was held on June 12 and brought together more than 250 attendees who followed the startup pitches and the entities’ presentations live from Spain, Europe and other parts of the world.


The team of the Digital Virtual Bootcamp District, managed by the company Nestholma, evaluated for this challenge the projects of more than 3000 startups from 62 countries, and contacted more than 1,500 of them. To boost collaboration between startups and financial institutions, collaboration sessions were organized over several days in which banks and insurers took part. The online event held on June 12 is the culmination of months of scouting, with the digital meeting between the selected companies and entities.


“Startups and financial institutions are tackling critical issues together”

The event Digital District Virtual Bootcamp began with the opening with Daniel Collado-Ruiz, CEO of Nestholma, who highlighted in his speech that in addition to trends in automation and digitization, the customization of SMEs, the increase in cryptocurrencies and smart contracts that enter the scene, there is also another important trend today: collaboration.

“Startups and financial institutions are tackling critical issues together. We have seen it, but it does not mean that it is easy. It is actually quite difficult. And that’s where we help. That is why Distrito Digital organizes this Bootcamp, to help innovations and businesses arise ”, in the words of Daniel Collado Ruiz.

These are the project proposals of each of the startups: Yanda, Fjuul, Kippie, Libbo, Resident Tax, Scanye, Family Finances, Asteria, Portunus, VOXO, Smartcom, Keystroke DNA, GetJenny, Ethical Capital, BlocRecs, Oceanus, B2B Pay y Axend.

In the fireside chat, the representatives of financial institutions were able to share their perspectives on industry trends and startup solutions, moderated by Antti Kosunen, founder of Nestholma.

The startups were also able to share virtual networking sessions through an online platform that was enabled as a meeting point. Thus, all virtual assistants had the opportunity to interact with financial institutions and startups to get to know each other, analyze the scope of activity of each startup, as well as the possibilities of implementing their respective business models.