What makes a startup have the potential for investors and financial institutions to bet on it? This is one of the main questions for startup scouting and companies working in the sector. According to Nestholma, a company installed in Comunitat Valenciana Digital District specialized in the collaboration between startups and financial institutions, there are many similarities in the talent search and startup scouting.

The company manages the organization of the Virtual Bootcamp Blockchain & Fintech Accelerator Alicante, which will bring together 20 of the most innovative startups in the Fintech sector on June 12 with 5 of the main European financial institutions.

For this event, Nestholma has analyzed more than 3,000 technology companies from 62 countries, of which it has contacted more than 1,500 for a pre-selection. Twenty startups from 12 countries around the world will take part in the final phase of the Bootcamp.


“Both in recruitment and in startup scouting, it all starts from understanding the business needs. What solutions are the financial institutions looking for right now? What strategy is behind those needs and why is that important for them? And the question everyone is asking today – how will the world look different after Covid-19 pandemic?” -Nestholma-

In this post, Nestholma analyzes the main factors of startup scouting and how to identify the ones with the most potential. And if you want to meet the selected startups in the Distrito Digital Virtual Bootcamp Blockchain & Fintech Accelerator Alicante, next June 12 from 9 to 12:30 hours online, sign up for free in this link.

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