The global pandemic of the coronavirus has forced us to modify the organization of institutional and business events, limiting capacity and increasing security and social distancing measures. However, we should not see the current situation as a setback for the activity of our companies. Technology is our great ally and offers us a unique opportunity to hold events in a purely online format and also hybrids events, combining face-to-face assistance with streaming retransmission.

Main advantages of organizing a hybrid event combining face-to-face and online attendance:
  • Greater visibility of the event, since the streaming can be followed from anywhere in the world.
  • Any person who cannot, or does not want to, attend the conference in person can follow it through an online platform without having to travel.
  • Technological innovations allow the event to be held online with streaming in high definition and with the highest image and performance quality.
  • We can record the event and broadcast it later on our digital channels.
  • When we have international speakers, we can guarantee their participation online, without having to travel in person.
A good example of these hybrid events is the ‘1st Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Alcoy’, organized with personal attendance in the city of Alcoy while more than 1,000 people followed the event live through the online channels.

From face-to-face to online events

The latest technological innovations in live video broadcasting also offer the opportunity to convert an event from face-to-face to online format in a short time, and without any setbacks in the organization.

If case the conference cannot be held in person due to the restrictions derived from the pandemic, the company would not be forced to suspend it. For example, the 1st Bootcamp Blockchain & Fintech Accelerator Alicante, was about to be held in person at Digital District with companies from all over the world. Given the mobility and meeting restrictions, the Bootcamp became a 100% online event with the participation of startups streaming from their headquarters in Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia … And with a total success of online attendance.

Digital District has promoted in recent months a wide agenda of digital and hybrid events, such as the presentation of the selected projects in the call to the Valencian science and innovation system for the emergency against covid-19. This event combined the interventions of the Minister of Science and Innovation from Madrid, the President of the Generalitat Valenciana from Valencia, and the consellera for Innovation from Alicante, with a live broadcast on digital platforms.



Celebrate your events in Digital District

The facilities of Digital District, located in the Aguamarga complex in Alicante, are available to institutions, organizations and companies that need a space to organize their events, as long as they have content to be seen on technology or innovation.

The innovation hub has large rooms and auditoriums where safety and social distance can be guaranteed, with privileged views in a unique technological environment. In addition, if your company or institution needs technical assistance to carry organize  events in online format, from Digital District we can help you find the best tools and implementation production team.

Check out the facilities in Digital District where you can organize your business events.

Does your company need a safe and wide space for its face-to-face and online events? Contact us and request more information about the rooms and auditoriums of Distrito Digital.