Comunitat Valenciana Digitaland the Alicante Port Authority (APA) start a line of collaboration with the aim of working towards a Port 4.0 innovation model. This alliance is part of the hub’s firm commitment to the generation of Open Innovation programs in prominent sectors in the area of influence, such as Fintech, tourism, climate change, Health, Energy, Gaming or Smart cities. With this collaboration, both institutions seek to accelerate the digital transformation of the port cluster and project the attractiveness of Alicante as a base for the most innovative operations and businesses.

The promotion of technology transfer to the traditional sectors of the Region of Valencia, including the port sector, is one of the main goals of the Digital District. Innovation, wealth and employment projects in the field of new technologies that give a boost to the digital economy throughout the region.

Within this line of work maintained by Distrito Digital, collaboration with APA seeks to support and promote technological development in the port sector. The Alicante Port Authority (APA) maintains a firm commitment to stimulate the logistics-port community and boost its competitiveness and sustainability. With this agreement, Distrito Digital offers companies and institutions innovation solutions developed in its digital ecosystem and other avant-garde projects that can complement it.

B2B events

Within this roadmap that the Digital District and APA have marked to advance in the digital transformation, a cycle of B2B events will be held to address the analysis of the enabling technologies necessary to advance towards a Port 4.0 concept. On November 25, 2020, the first of these meetings will take place, the ‘I Technologic-Logistic Port Forum: towards the Robotization of Processes’, from 9:00 to 12:00. An event in face-to-face-virtual format and structured in two parts: a plenary session with selected speakers, followed by virtual bilateral meetings between companies.

The meeting will feature speeches by the president of the Alicante Port Authority (APA), Juan Antonio Gisbert, the General Director of Sociedad de Proyectos temáticos de la Comunidad Valenciana (SPTCV), Antonio Rodes and the APA director, Carlos Eleno.

The moderator of the forum will be José Manuel Leceta, head of the Innovation Division of the APA, who will address the challenges of Process Automation with specialists and representatives of the innovation units of the companies Deloitte, Alfatec and AuraQuantic.