• The collaboration with the Club d’Affaires of the Franco-Spanish Chamber will make it possible to make the projects generated in the Digital District available to large French companies based in Spain

Alicante, Tuesday March 2, 2021.- Comunitat Valenciana Digital District  and the Club d’Affaires of the Franco-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France-Espagne) have signed a collaboration agreement to advance in the development of synergies of work and joint projects in the fields of industry 4.0, human resources, banking and insurance, the environment, quality of life (Tourism, Health and Gastronomy) and Retail.

The Franco-Spanish Chamber is the most influential Franco-Spanish business circle in the country, with more than 500 leading French and Spanish companies integrated into its organization, some of them already established in the digital ecosystem of the Digital District.

The collaboration between both entities began in early 2020, as a result of a first meeting held by Antonio Rodes, general director of SPTCV and Bertrand Barthelemy, director of the Franco-Spanish Chamber, in which the framework of collaboration with Digital District.

Since then, the collaboration has been constant, mainly focused on joining synergies and contacts that could favor the development of the companies that are part of both entities. An example of this is the webinar organized jointly in June 2020, Challenges and strategies of the tourism sector, which brought together large French companies in the tourism sector, which needed urgent solutions arising from the Covid, and companies and startups of the Digital District that could offer the necessary innovation. An experience that was highly positive, and that further promoted the open collaboration line.

Digital District and the Club d’Affaires de la Cámara will work hand in hand in organizing activities for digital transformation, international promotion and the generation of projects, uniting different actors in order to share visions and experiences through various approaches. : business, academic, associative and institutional.

Distrito Digital has made itself available to the Franco-Spanish Chamber to exercise a function of technological Observatory for the companies that are part of the Club d’Affaires, putting at their disposal, in addition to the technological solutions that are developed in the digital hub, its capacity to international scouting, through its cooperative relationships with other hubs and the open innovation plans that are carried out. To this end, Distrito Digital plans to actively integrate itself into the different thematic commissions of the chamber organ.

“We want to be an active part, we are going to listen and make ourselves available to companies, in addition to contributing our knowledge and our Know-how with existing technological solutions,” explains the general director of Sociedad Proyectos Temáticos de la Comunitat Valenciana (SPTCV ) and CEO of Distrito Digital, Antonio Rodes.

Accordingly, it is worth noting the confluence of the strategic lines that both entities maintain in verticals such as Tourism, Health and Climate Change, which are precisely the subject of Chambre Commissions and of the international challenges of Open Innovation that Digital District has launched this year. “French companies will be able to choose to pose their technological challenges in our calls and they will be able to get involved in the best possible conditions, both in the demand and in the offer of solutions for them,” says Rodes.

For the Chamber, this agreement reflects its “clear will to strengthen ties with institutions such as the Digital District that contribute to the acceleration of scale ups in the new economy, helping companies in our business community to identify the most important interlocutors. indicated to evolve in their businesses ”, according to Sara Bieger, president of the Franco-Spanish Chamber. This initiative will provide startups in the ecosystem with an unbeatable opportunity to internationalize and access large companies, in addition to amplifying the attractiveness of the Valencian hub.

The agreement established between both parties contemplates the following objectives:

  • Establish a forum for exchange and contacts with its participants or propose activities that will be open to a wider audience and will allow exchange between companies in the Digital District and large companies.
  • Strengthen and promote the attraction of new companies that enrich the ecosystem of the Valencian Community.
  • Promote the bilateral relationship between Spain and France through events and activities that help the ecosystem of the Valencian Community to increase business opportunities.
  • Help companies in the ecosystem of our region to develop their business in France or Spain, offering a personalized advisory service.
  • Share the experience and potential of the Digital District in the areas of Human Resources, CSR, Banking and Insurance, Industry 4.0, environment and Retail, which will allow to identify new challenges and projects that can be implemented in the Digital District.
  • Create actions and activities in the District bringing companies closer to leading figures in the economic, political and social world and generating spaces for debate.