“Think big and remember that everyone started from scratch. Break the rules, dare, do not take a no for an answer. Surprise the consumer, always go ahead of the customer. Question yourself, be restless. Disruption and acceleration. A lot of training and education, as a fundamental basis. And understand that technology is no longer an option. 

These are some of the main conclusions of the I Conference of Technological Ambassadors of the Valencian Community, organized by the Comunitat Valenciana Digital District on February 25th. An event that was a real shot of good energy for participants, public and organizers.

Hearts Radiant-, Eva Ivars, CEO of Afflelou Spain

Those who followed him live had the opportunity to be inspired by the examples and practical learnings shared by our successful tech entrepreneurs, such as Juan Cartagena, -co-founder and CEO of  Hearts Radiant–, Eva Ivars, CEO de Afflelou Spain and Director of Global Digital Transformation, Gala Gil Amat, — Triple Head of Partnership– and Alfonso Ferrández, director and founder of Índigo Labs Limited.

The funny anecdotes of Juan Cartagena 

The most in-depth interview with Juan Cartagena left us with interesting and funny anecdotes about his time at various European multinationals and Silicon Valley: improvised elevator pitches in elevators with famous billionaires, takeover attempts at the company where he was hired, trips endless to the world and an endless hunger to detect and launch new lines of business and to build unique innovation initiatives.

“To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be willing to expose yourself to higher risk situations, to find opportunities that otherwise do not arise by themselves, and to seek employment in other technology startups where you can learn the necessary knowledge to start your own business later” , detailed about it.



Juan Cartagena, at one point in the interview.

The future of cryptocurrencies 

Asked about the future of  cryptocurrencies, Cartagena left us the following thoughts: “Everyone should have some bitcoin, and if you don’t have them, surely your grandchildren will ask you why you didn’t buy them in the future.” So much so, that Cartagena predicted that the interspace currency would be bitcoin.

“If there were to be a currency on Mars, it would probably be Bitcoin, and if we contacted an alien civilization that we wanted to trade with, it would be in bitcoin”. 

 You can enjoy these life stories and many others at the Technological Ambassadors Day in the Valencian Community, which is available in our  Youtube channel.