Technology at the service of the tourism sector

Technology is called to be the answer to relaunch many of the strategic productive sectors of the Region of Valencia. Nobody doubts that anymore. But taking the steps to make it possible is certainly not that easy.

At Digital District we are aware of this. That’s why our schedule of activities always focuses on the design of very practical events. Our objective is to present the keys that allow our companies to embark on the path towards the digital transformation of their businesses.

Within this work philosophy, the conference “Technological solutions for tourism companies” organized this Tuesday, April 20 by Digital District and Invat.tur was a real success. It fulfilled its objective due to the theme it addressed, innovative solutions for the tourism sector, which in the current context is more necessary than ever. It is imperative that this sector takes a good advantage of the use of cutting-edge technologies, both to adapt to sanitary conditions and to gain competitiveness compared to other destinations.

Host success

The more than 250 people registered to follow the conference in online format, and the face-to-face capacity planned in the Salón de Cristal, full covered, also proved the interest in knowing what technology has to offer. Thanks to experts from a selection of seven leading firms from Digital District, we were able to learn about the operation of very interesting innovation solutions.

Innovative solutions

Ignacio Valor, Director of Business Development at Labaqua, spoke about solutions for air quality control.

Margaux López, Marketing Director at Glop, explained the ideal automation solutions for the hospitality industry.

Raúl Tapias, Vice President for Europe at Facephi, brought us closer to the possibilities that Facial Recognition opens up for this sector where customer service plays such a determining role.

Pablo Carrillos, Technical Manager at Drop Point Systems, addressed the so-called Smart Lockers.

Benjamín Garcés, CEO and co-founder at Easygoband, detailed us the latest wearable systems for the centralization of processes and clients.

Inmaculada Férez, Marketing Manager and IT consultant at Fabertelecom, introduced us to the Loyalty Software solutions via Wifi.

And finally, we discovered the Doublemente company sales and management software, at the hands of its Commercial Director, Jorge Mira.


A first class forum that you cannot miss and that we encourage you to see again.