• This Monday, May 17, at a forum inaugurated by the Second Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs of the Government of Spain, Nadia Calviño.

Alicante, Saturday May 15, 2021.- Comunitat Valenciana Digital District participates this Monday, May 17 in the Navarra Digital Territory,  to expose its trajectory throughout its first three years of life and present its development model as an experience of success in the environment of European technology hubs.

Thus, the Autonomous Community of Navarra has opted to grow and attract the technological business fabric and infrastructures of the new economy, and for this it wants to know first-hand the progress and success stories of other territories, including the Comunitat Valenciana Digital District.

This day will start at 10:00 am from the Navarra Arena, on the occasion of World Internet Day. It will have the presence of the Second Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs of the Government of Spain, Nadia Calviño, at the opening of the day and with the President of Navarra, Maria Chivite, at the closing of the act.

The Director of Communication of the Digital District, Mayte Vañó, will detail the first steps of this Mediterranean hub, a project promoted by the government of the Generalitat Valenciana that was born with the aim of creating a technological hub in the Region of Valencia, which would mean a change in the economic model, with a focus on innovation and new technologies.

In its barely three years of life, Distrito Digital has managed to consolidate its objectives, currently having 270 companies and technological entities attached, and a position at the European level.

In this regard, it should be noted that the strategy of the Mediterranean hub has consisted of three phases: a first of attracting technology companies from outside the Region of Valencia, with a special focus on northern Europe (in just one year they were installed in the Digital District 80 companies, 40% of them of international origin), a second phase aimed at adding to the project technology companies based anywhere in the Region of Valencia. “Now we are immersed in a third phase, of generating projects and open innovation programs that allow the development and growth of the hub,” says Mayte Vañó.

‘Navarra Digital Territory’ Program

10: 00h. Opening: Nadia Calviño, Second Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

10:10 a.m. Building an interconnected Navarre. Conversation between Izaskun Goñi, general director of Business Policy, International Projection and Labor and Guzmán Garmendia, general director of Telecommunications and Digitization.

10:30 am. DIH IRIS digital innovation pole. Mikel Irujo, Minister of Economic and Business Development of the Government of Navarra.

 10: 45h. Empathy: Case of Scale and growth of Digital Product strategies in Gijón, José Lueje, CFO of Empathy Presents: Pilar Irigoien, managing director of Sodena.

11: 00h. Technological attraction poles. Exemplary regional experiences:

  • Anett Numa, e-Estonia adviser (online exhibition).
  • Lourdes Cruz, Marketing Director at Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía – Málaga TechPark.
  • Mayte Vañó Sempere, director of communication at the Comunitat Valenciana Digital District.
  • Wim De Kinderen, program director Brainport Eindhoven.

Moderated by: Mar González, Managing Director of Tracasa Instrumental and Iñaki Pinillos, Managing Director of Nasertic.

11:45 a.m. The Navarra Adventure of Digital Transformation, Juan Cruz Cigudosa, Minister of the University, Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Government of Navarra.

12: 00h. Closing: María Chivite, President of the Government of Navarra.