40 students and graduates of the University of Alicante (UA) have participated this Tuesday, May 25, in the Odyssey-Digital District Program: <<Entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow>>, which we have organized together with the Employment Center of the University of Alicante.

The participants have seen firts-hand the operation of the companies in our hub, such as Odyssey Robotics, DODIT, SPADRONE, Avamed Sinergy and Focus360º. This visit, framed in the Odyssey-Digital District Program has offered them the opportunity to learn from successful business systems and get to know the business fabric of Alicante through real, practical and current cases.

Round table on Software and Robotics, with representatives of the companies Focus 360º, Zoon Suite and Adequasys.

Development of the Odyssey Program

The activity has been organized into two groups of students who have visisted all the companies and met their managers, in spaces adapted to Covid capacity and with all security measures.

The culmination of the day has brought together all the participants in a final plenary session in the Crystal Room, where has been developed a training capsule and debate with the professionals of the companies that have participated.

The Vice-Rector for Students and Employment, Rosario Ferrer, has highlighted the usefulness of this type of initiative and has ensured that “it is a unique experince that can be a considerable advantage on your way to employment”.

For this part, the general director of Society Thematic Projects of the Valencian Community (SPTCV), Antonio Rodes, highlighted the importance of the training to meet the needs of qualified labor in the digital economy sector, and recalled that precisely one the main lines of work of Digital District is the attraction and retention of talent and innovation projects in our territory.

Closing of the day, by Rufino Selva, attached to the Directorate of Society Thematic Projects of the Valencian Community (SPTCV) and Sergio Soriano, director of the UA Employment Secretariat.


10:00 Reception of the students in Building 2 DDCV. 

10:15  Visit to DoDit.

10:35  Visit to Avamed.

11:00 Visit to Spadrone.

11:30 Visit to Odyssey Robotics.

12:00 Software and Robotics round table. With representatives from Focus 360º, Zoon Suite and Adequasys. 

12.30 Conference: “ How to generate ideas for Success” by Santiago Ambit, head of Operations and Diversification of the Comunitat Valenciana Digital District.  

12:50 Institucional Closing. In charge of Sergio Soriano, Director of the Secretariat for Employment and Student Support, and Rufino Selva, attached to the General Directorate of the Society for Thematic Projects of the Valencian Community.