This new platform will facilitate collaborative work synergies between the firms installed or attached to the hub

Alicante, Tuesday June 8, 2021.- Digital District Comunitat Valenciana has put out to tender a new integral and digital tool for internal communication and the control and monitoring of the different activities that take place within the technological ecosystem itself. The base budget for the tender is 200,000 euros plus VAT, for a non-renewable period of two years.

Currently, Digital District already has around 250 companies and startups installed and partners and another hundred more institutions and collaborating organizations, distributed throughout the entire territory of the Region on Valencia.

One of the main functions of the Digital District is to facilitate collaborative work synergies between the firms installed or attached to the hub,so  it is necessary to establish an effective tool that allows them to interact with each other and share knowledge and projects in order to coordinate joint actions.

These joint actions will also enable firms to scale up their businesses and collaboratively access national and international challenges and projects, and will also place the Region of Valencia among the most important European technology hubs thanks to the projects developed from here.

Likewise, it is intended to obtain from this solution a reporting instrument that allows the management bodies of the Digital District itself and the higher bodies to control in real time the development of each project and the economic impact of the activity.

The solution, among other services, must allow the development of interaction and professional matchmaking of the activities of the Digital District, which allows it to establish collaborative relationships with professionals with the different companies that are part of the project.

Likewise, the solution must allow the creation of information files and continuous monitoring on all project activities, and incorporate or adapt the implementation of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, to control the set of actions carried out on customers. or potential clients and manage commercial actions.

That is why the Digital District has put out to tender the contracting of comprehensive and digital solution services for control and monitoring of the different activities of the Digital District.

Among other conditions, the successful bidder will have to establish a fixed headquarters in the offices of Distrito Digital with a minimum permanence of two years, and will have a team made up of a Project Management and a Dynamization and Coordination Team.

Companies interested in participating in this tender have until June 15 to present their projects, and can consult the conditions in the following link on the State Procurement Platform:!ut/p/b0/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjU1JTC3Iy87KtUlJLEnNyUuNzMpMzSxKTgQr0w_Wj9KMyU1zLcvQjfV2M3JLcLZzys7zKIvNCsgP9DFQNohxtbfULcnMdAbmf7d8!/