What is Digital District?

Comunitat Valenciana Digital District is a technological hub with 400 companies and technological entities. Promoted by Generalitat Valenciana regional government, it aims to generate and promote innovation, wealth and employment projects in the field of new technologies. Likewise, it encourages the change of the traditional production model towards the digital economy throughout the Valencian region.
Since its creation three years ago, it has also reached its goal of positioning itself as a facilitator of business opportunities, both for the companies that comprise it and for the entire innovation business fabric of the region of Valencia…

Distrito Digital offers a differentiated environment and services that allow companies to develop their potential. Moreover, it attracts talent and encourages the exchange of technological and digital knowledge between firms and the rest of the actors involved in the project.
The philosophy of this hub is to interconnect its participants using events, collaboration and development plans, investment funds and other tools to create a technological network capable of responding to the current demand for innovation. Likewise, its privileged situation allows its companies to scale and access the European and Ibero-American markets, as the perfect platform for their international expansion.

Hub companies

Digital District is not just a space to house startups. The companies based in the hub enjoy spaces in a privileged location, and an excellent endowment of infrastructures.

Who can belong to the hub? All the companies, startups and entities of the region of Valencia dedicated to the development of technology and innovation, through the figures of the Partner and the Collaborator. Companies that are not located in the region of Valencia, now can now also be part of the hub thanks to the innovative International Partner program

The truth is that this hub stands out not so much for the number or volume of companies and startups, but for the interest in the projects generated by the companies installed and attached, the quality and diversity of the ecosystem and the boost they give to the digital economy. This provides it with differentiating characteristics, which today make it the boutique of technological spaces around the European Union.

The secret of its success is …

One of the keys to the success of Digital District is its effective strategy for attracting and retaining tech talent both inside and outside our borders.
Large multinationals and prestigious companies in the technology sector have arrived at the hub, such as Accenture, Indra, ATOS, Harmonic, Nitro Game, and Asseco, among others. Those corporations have greatly enriched this ecosystem and have favored synergies and collaboration with other companies in the hub to jointly opt for larger challenges in the international arena.
Another of the keys to the success of Digital District is, undoubtedly, in its open innovation challenge program. This initiative is focused on fields of vital importance for the region of Valencia, such as tourism, climate change and forecasting meteorological catastrophes and health.
The open innovation programs are designed to encourage the installation of at least 17 new companies in the hub, linked to the towns of Benidorm and Gandia and to the Alicante region of Vega Baja. The projects developed within the framework of these challenges will respond to real innovation and technology needs of corporations and institutions at the regional, national and even international levels.
Do you want to know more about our project? Contact us and discover the attractions of being part of the tech cradle on the shores of the Mediterranean. An innovation factory at the service of the present and the future of the region of Valencia.