Alicante, Tuesday, September 28, 2021.-The management team of Comunitat Valenciana Digital District, headed by its CEO Antonio Rodes, has held a working meeting today with the regional secretary for Universities, Carmen Beviá, the General Director of Professional Training, Manuel Gomicia, and the director of the Fundación ValgrAI Vicente Botti Project, as well as a selection of leading technology companies in the sector to promote the attraction of tech talent and facilitate the employability of students in the environment of the new economy.

This meeting is the result of continuous work by the team responsible for attracting talent in the Digital District and the human resources managers of the main technology companies in the Region of  Valencian, which has been held since the beginning of the creation of the technology hub, to end of 2018. The participating companies, as well as the Digital District team, make up the monitoring table, to continue working on implementing measures that facilitate training and access to the technological labor market.

During the meeting, companies were asked about the different programs developed by the Ministry of Education, –in the field of Vocational Training and the Center for Advanced Digital Innovation of the Region of Valencia (CIDA) -, and of Universities in the Region of Valencia. The technology companies represented at the meeting, benchmarks in the sector and with a great demand for digital talent, have also been able to raise the needs for qualified labor that the sector registers.

Thereby, work is already underway on the organization of a new job fair that brings together the offer of Vocational Training, universities, companies, Chambers of Commerce and private training centers to promote the confluence between the supply and the necessary demand. Special attention has also been given to the fight against the gender gap that exists in this sector, increasing the presence of women in training and later incorporation into the tech world of work.

In the specific case of Vocational Training, Digital District is revealed as the link of union and collaboration with technology companies, to achieve an even more specialized dual vocational training, almost reaching ad-hoc training to adapt to the personnel needs of the companies. companies in a personalized way, and that the companies themselves can participate in the preparation and specialization of students from the beginning of their access to training.