• Around 30 technology companies from the hub have participated in the fair, in addition to the Chamber of Commerce, UA and UMH universities, the General Directorate of FP and other entities.

Alicante, Thursday, December 2, 2021.- The 1st Digital District Employment Fair, organized in collaboration with the Alicante Chamber of Commerce and the General Directorate of Vocational Training, has ended this Thursday with a full success of attendance, nearly 400 attendees — mainly young job seekers, students and workers in the sector tech looking for new opportunities– and the active participation of companies, the Employment Center of the University of Alicante (UA) and the Occupational Observatory of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH).

This meeting is part of the work strategy that the Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, through the Digital District, carries out to implement measures that facilitate training and access to the technological labor market. For this reason, this meeting has been designed to promote the confluence between supply and demand for qualified labor in our territory.

The job fair has been configured as a very dynamic event. In addition to the space itself for the stands of the companies offering jobs, different workshops and talks were given simultaneously, as well as a space for to speed-dating, meetings or interviews for a first contact between companies and potential candidates.

The day started at 9:30 am in the Salón de Cristal of Building 1 of the Digital District, where the group of attendees registered through the Chamber of Commerce had the opportunity to listen to the lecture offered by Fabián Villena ‘Atitud for employment: discover a world of opportunities’.

Then, and after the arrival of more than 200 students from various institutes in the province, a talk was held on ‘Vocational training, a place where companies find talent’, by Elvira Quiles, director of CIDA , and the coordinator of the Alicante Prospecting Team.

The company Infojobs has subsequently presented an interesting intervention on “How to develop your digital profile when looking for work?”, And finally a round table on “Employment opportunities in the E-sports and Gaming sector” was held.

At the same time, workshops and talks of interest to students have been held, with the aim of guiding them in their access to the world of work. Andrés Karp, CEO & founder of the company Dinamic Brain, has addressed the issue of ‘Creativity in the Job Search’; while Virginia González, Manager at Accenture specialized in Low-Code projects, has spoken about the Future of Low Code. Francisco Palomino Benito, DevOps expert at AVANADE, has given a talk on “The Reality of DevOps”, and the Laberit company has offered a technical workshop to teach IT profiles to prepare their CVs.

The program of activities has also included several talks on the subject of obtaining and processing data in the company. Manuel Díaz from the Inycom company began this section with a talk about the importance of data; Antonio Soto, Director of Data at Verne Tech, has focused on how to get started as a data scientist with Power BI; Fran Zaplana, product and business developer at Teralco has approached the field of ‘Data Driven Companies and fact-based decision making; and Aarón Molés, Pavabit Developer, spoke about ‘Agile Methodologies: Scrum’.

The Chamber of Commerce has offered a workshop on the use of Social Networks for job search, and has taken the opportunity to present its Job and Talent Exchange.


One of the factors that has contributed to the success of the Job Fair has been the poster of technology companies integrated in the Digital District that have participated, with which young people have been able to interact, deliver their curriculum and know first-hand the trends and needs current job market tech.

In total there have been about thirty reference companies in the sector, such as Accenture, Adequasys; Air Networks; Avanade; Branch Creation; DinamicBrain; Dodit; Ecommaster; Facephi; FUNDAE; ATU group; Soledad Group; Harmonic; Huawei; Inycom; Laberit; MINSAIT (Indra); NTT Data; Ofimare; Orizon; PavaBits; Solitium; SopraSteria; Teralco Group; Upicus and Verne. In addition, other entities such as COCEMFE Hub Diversidad and Infojobs will take part, as well as Pactemcv (Network of territorial pacts and agreements for the creation of employment in the Valencian Community) and the ACTEI Territorial Pact for Alancantí Employment

With this initiative, Distrito Digital advances in its objective of consolidating a dense productive tech fabric that allows attracting and retaining talent from both the Community and outside our borders.

In the specific case of Vocational Training, Digital District has positioned itself as the nexus of union and collaboration with technology companies, to achieve an even more specialized dual vocational training, almost reaching ad-hoc training to adapt to the talent needs of companies in a personalized way, and that the companies themselves can participate in the preparation and specialization of students from the beginning of their access to training.