A delegation from the EU Intellectual Property Office visited the hub facilities this Thursday to learn first-hand about the technological project

Alicante, Thursday, February 10, 2022.- Comunitat Valenciana Digital District, the hub promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana through the Department of Innovation, and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), based in Alicante, have met today with the aim of promoting actions that favor the strengthening of the technological productive fabric of our territory and mutual participation in their respective agendas of technology transfer events.

For this reason, a delegation from the EUIPO visited the headquarters of the technology hub in Agua Amarga on Thursday to take a tour of the facilities and hold a working meeting that has been “very productive” for both parties.

Participating in this meeting on behalf of the Digital District were the general director of the Society for Thematic Projects of the Valencian Community (SPTCV) and CEO of the Digital District, Antonio Rodes, and the deputy director of the SPTCV Rufino Selva, as well as the coordinator of Digital District Ezequiel Sánchez and the director of Communication of the Digital District, Mayte Vañó.

On behalf of the EUIPO, a delegation made up of representatives of the Human Resources, Academy and Digital Transformation departments has taken part.

Antonio Rodes has highlighted “the strategic importance for the Digital District of strengthening ties of collaboration with the EUIPO”, an organization that, at present, “is the first applicant for innovation in the entire Valencian Community, with an annual budget of 60 million euros. euros for external contracting in technology, 120 computer systems and a total of 59 external providers in this field”.


Thus, both teams have been able to learn the details of the EUIPO and Digital District projects, especially in the fields of training, demand for innovation and attracting talent, among others, and have agreed to create a work table to specify and undertake joint actions that make it possible to take advantage of synergies of common interest for the two organizations.

The Digital District team has given details of the Open Innovation programs that are underway and the Talent District project, as well as the agendas of technology transfer events and the training actions that take place in the hub.

Antonio Rodes has highlighted the “great potential” of the possible initiatives that arise from this alliance, linked to the innovation projects of the EUIPO, the extensive training agenda that the European Office develops, the work of its Technology work group Watch – which monitors innovation and technology developments for possible implementation in the EUIPO – and its data center, considered one of the most important in Spain.

“We have also found the EUIPO international Scholarship program very interesting. Each year attracts a hundred young professionals who, after their internships, become part of the so-called ‘Talent Bank’ as a qualified workforce, and of the that could benefit our technology companies in search of professionals”, added Rodes.