• A selection of 8 technology companies from the hub have presented their activity in a 5-minute pitch, followed by a speed networking before collaborating companies and institutions

Alicante, Wednesday, April 27, 2022.- Distrito Digital Comunitat Valenciana today held its I Tech Day to promote the exchange of technological and digital knowledge between companies and corporations in the hub, in a networking day that has been successfully developed in its objective of enhancing the value of the digital ecosystem.

In this way, the participating Digital District companies have had the opportunity to discover solutions and projects developed by other hub companies, in addition to interacting, exchanging knowledge and exploring possible ways of collaboration between them.

Javier Morales, Project Manager and Juan Giner, Manager of 3D Virtual Solutions, have given details of the work they carry out in the creation of 3D tours with smart labels, which allow businesses to remain open 24 hours a day with a twin on the network, while David Ivorra, CEO of LynxView has presented his work in development, strategy and design of advanced services in high-performance environments, all-flash storage, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, IoT and ML, among other aspects.

Jacobo Pablos Mengs, CEO of Foqum Analytics, has made an introduction about his specialty, the digital transformation of companies through its Artificial Intelligence platform, through natural language processing from unstructured text data, as well as in analysis intelligent audio files, images, videos and tabular data.

Sayri Arteaga, technical director of the startup Uware Robotics, has shown the different applications of his autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) project, optimized for monitoring coastal ecosystems.

Rosa Giménez, director of the Partners Channel and CMO of Clavei, has presented her work on the implementation of management software, production control and accounting, among other aspects, while Alberto González, director of 2 Brains Digital, has detailed her work as a consultant of marketing and advertising expert in digital transformation processes.

Borja Coronado, manager of the Collaborative Robotics company CFZ Cobots, has explained how they go beyond the classic industrial automation, offering advanced technology that right now is emerging as a need in industrial sectors, while Javier Pastor, CC of Bit2Me has addressed his I work in the cryptocurrency sector in Spain, where they lead the market.

After the presentation of their respective projects, the companies have been able to share a cocktail and participate in a speed networking to exchange impressions and learn more individually about their work synergies.