The Region of Valencia has positioned itself as a benchmark on the European innovation map. In part, it is due to the cutting-edge work being done by many of the companies and startups linked to Digital District, its young technology hub.

Comunitat Valenciana Digital District hub was created in 2018 by the Government of the Generalitat, through its Department of Innovation. In just three years it has already managed to bring together 450 companies, startups and technological entities spread throughout the Region of Valencia.

They are companies dedicated to the development of technology and innovation installed in the hub, or linked to the project as Partner or Collaborator, many of them real examples of success in their sectors. Some of the success stories present in this ecosystem are PSD Space, Avamed Synergy and Bit2Me.

Making history in the space industry

Talking about a leading company in its sector is talking about PLD Space. This company, a collaborator of Distrito Digital, is making history in the space industry with the development of the first rocket engine powered by kerosene and liquid oxygen (KeroLOX) in Europe.

It currently has the authorization for space flight, as well as the structures, avionics and everything necessary to launch its two rockets, the MIURA 1 suborbital and the MIURA 5 orbital.

During these last 10 years, the company has received more than 45 million euros of investment. In addition, it has trained a team of more than 80 top-level professionals in different fields of science, technology and business.

The company’s objective is to facilitate access to space for all by generating small reusable rockets that allow a faster, safer and more economically viable service. These launch vehicles will place Spain among the small number of countries with the capacity to successfully send small satellites into space.

Cutting-edge innovation in medical equipment

Avamed Synergy is a health consultant installed in the Digital District, a national benchmark in surgical planning and research transfer within the sector. Thanks to the work of its specific R&D department, it leads innovation projects in medical equipment, new processes, as well as in surgical applications and technological development.

One of its latest and most outstanding projects is Fluxus, a virtual AI and 3D environment where the medical team has a unique tool for analysis, management and prediction, among other features. In a pioneering way, this application lays the foundations for merging virtual objects, –in 2D or 3D–, with the real world, through Augmented or Mixed Reality.

Leader in the cryptocurrency sector

Another of the Partner companies that have placed Digital District on the national technological map is Bit2Me. This platform is the leader in the cryptocurrency sector in Spain, with a Suite of services that incorporates more than 20 solutions to buy, sell and manage virtual currencies and euros.

It has a constantly growing workforce made up of 140 professionals from the sector. It also has a portfolio of private clients, professionals and companies in more than 100 countries.

Bit2Me launched an ICO through B2M at the end of September 2021, –its own utility token–, with which it managed to raise 17.5 million euros in less than three minutes, a record figure for volume and acquisition time , and over 40K B2M headlines.

Technology made in the Region of Valencia

Digital District, the Valencian technological hub, offers its companies a differentiated environment and services that allow them to develop their full potential. In addition, it attracts talent and promotes the exchange of technological and digital knowledge between companies and the rest of the actors involved in the project.

For this reason, the hub organizes an extensive agenda of events, collaboration and development plans, investment funds and other tools to create a technological network capable of responding to the current demand for innovation. “In Distrito Digital we generate business opportunities for technology companies in our territory. We interconnect the supply and demand for innovation at an international level”, remarks the general director of Distrito Digital, Antonio Rodes.

The Region of Valencia as a benchmark on innovation