• This ambitious programme will generate a strong contingent of professionals that will benefit the entire digital ecosystem of the Region of Valencia.

Alicante, 27 July 2022 – The Generalitat Valenciana, through the Conselleria de Innovación and the Sociedad Proyectos Temáticos (SPTCV), has put out to tender the contracting of professional services to design and implement the so-called Talent District. This programme will operate as an engine of training and promotion of technological and digital employment in the whole of the Region of Valencia to attend to the shortage of skilled labour to operate in the new economy sector.

For this purpose, Talent District will articulate different initiatives aimed at attracting, facilitating and promoting the transfer of talent through an open content platform that allows the creation, activation and dissemination of the activities of this project.

This contract has been put out to tender with a base budget of 881,358.76 euros per year, with the option to extend for a further year. It will be linked to the technological ecosystem of Comunitat Valenciana Digital District and will operate in collaboration with the Generalitat’s Directorate General for Local Administration and the public employment and training service Labora.

Digital District has been established as a tool of the territory to support the growth and competitiveness of the Valencian economy. In this sense, it works to position the Comunitat Valenciana in the global context of technological ecosystems recognised by companies and professionals in the sector, to offer a differentiated environment and services that allow companies to develop their full potential, to attract talent, and to promote the exchange of technological and digital knowledge between companies and the rest of the actors involved.

The general director of SPTCV, Antonio Rodes, explains that, in this context, “it is a fact that in Europe, Spain and the Region of Valencia there is a notable deficit of professionals in the sector, which greatly hinders the development of the modernising impulse of our economic fabric”.

“Talent is more than ever a sustainable competitive advantage, and therefore it is not viable for a territory to lead or be relevant in a sector if it does not have the necessary specialised talent”. From this point of view, “SPTCV is launching this initiative, which is set to generate a strong contingent of professionals that will benefit not only Digital District, but the entire digital ecosystem”.

The people targeted by these training actions will be mainly young people, professionals who wish to retrain in the digital world, the long-term unemployed, as well as upskilling – a term referring to professionals in the digital world who want to improve/acquire new technical skills.



The company selected for this tender that will be in charge of setting up the Talent District will have to carry out the following functions:

  • Carrying out the dynamic and permanent prospecting of the subjects on which the training courses are to be focused.
  • Creation and annual updating of talent maps
  • Creation and management of a digital talent community, both in terms of content and an open platform for dissemination.
  • Creation and management of an ecosystem of partners that includes schools, training entities, educational administrations, training companies and companies with a demand for talent.
  • Coordinating training agents.
  • Propose financing formulas.
  • Coordinate the network of 350 territorial agents for the recruitment of students, providing them with the necessary training, information and follow-up so that they can be a key tool in the dissemination and activation of Talent District activities.