• This challenge is promoted by the Generalitat through the Regional Ministry of Innovation and Digital District, in collaboration with the City Council of Gandia and Innsomnia.

Alicante, Tuesday 9 August 2022. – The open innovation challenge Distrito e-Health, promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana through the Regional Ministry of Innovation and Digital District, has successfully completed its first phases of development and has now entered the last stage, which includes the installation of five startups in the facilities linked to the technology hub in the municipality of Gandia, to carry out proofs of concept and the culmination of their business strategies.

For this, Distrito e-Health has the close collaboration of the Gandia City Council, in a challenge promoted by the accelerator Innsomnia, the company in charge of managing the open innovation programme. This initiative, launched in July last year, aims to attract talent and generate intelligent solutions specially designed for companies, corporations and administrations in the health sector of the Region of Valencia.

The companies selected by Distrito e-Health to set up in Gandia, and which will be joined by others in the future are:

  • Movsa: is a company dedicated to Machine Learning and IoT and 5G artificial technology, for the improvement and optimisation of primary care, as well as for the digital transformation of the health sector. It also functions as a communication, monitoring and collaboration platform for healthcare workers, allowing them to lighten their workload.
  • Legit.Health: uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to help dermatologists through detailed and objective monitoring in the process of skin diagnosis and follow-up.
  • Nvdo: is a platform for the management of sports entities and monitoring, which allows the management of users and equipment, notifications, monitoring and control of physical activity and physiological data and the preparation of dynamic reports, among other aspects.
  • Tucuvi: has developed a virtual nurse with voice based on artificial intelligence, Lola. She is able to monitor the health status of patients by talking to them via phone calls. Without installing devices, wifi or apps, simply by phone, it thus reaches every home.
  • Trabem Health: is a platform for health clinics that allows complete management of a medical centre and also automates many of the daily tasks, such as assigning calls and registering staff check-in and check-out, among other aspects.