• Distrito Digital Comunitat Valenciana collaborates in the organization of this forum together with the City Council of Alcoy and the Campus of Alcoy of the Polytechnic University of Valencia

Alicante, August 18, 2022.- Distrito Digital Comunitat Valenciana collaborates with the City Council of Alcoy and the Campus of Alcoy of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in the organization of the 1st Blockchain Alcoy Conference , which will be held on September 15 in the building Àgora Alcoi, with the aim of informing companies about the real uses and current applications of this technology.

During the event, which has the collaboration of the Blockchain FUE cooperative and the Alcoy Chamber of Commerce, real problems and solutions will be analysed, in order to transfer all the possibilities that the Blockchain offers businesses by applying certain processes and technologies.

This is a forum where leading professionals, digital companies, technology industry leaders, heads of large projects, etc. will share their vision and discuss the use of blockchain technology. A unique opportunity to obtain a complete vision of its application in companies.

It will last a full day, structured in two parts:

The first part will take place during the morning and will be aimed at business managers, who will be able to learn about real blockchain cases applied to companies in different sectors.

The second part will take place in the afternoon and will be aimed at professionals and students. It will include practical workshops on this technology and projects that are currently being developed.


From 9.30 am to 1.30 pm. Presentations aimed at the business sector, with blockchain solutions aimed at SMEs and industries.

09:00 – 09:30h. Accreditations

09:30 – 09:45h. Institutional presentation

    • Antonio Francés, Mayor of Alcoy
    • Antonio Rodes, General Manager of SPTCV and CEO of Distrito Digital

09:45. Opening conference by Juan Alegre Sanahuja (Managing Director of Infraestructures i Serveis de Telecomunicacions i Certificació at ISTEC). Blockchain technology for transactions with the public administration.

10:10 – 10:35h. Lucas Rol Raimundo (Blockchain Technical Director at Asseco). Blockchain in the legal industry

10:35 – 11.00h. Javier Pastor Moreno (CCM Institutional Education and Communications at Bit 2 Me). Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

11:00 – 11.25h. Coffee networking.

11:25 – 11.50h. Andrés Garrido (CEO ChainGo) Blockchain applied to logistics.

11:50 – 12:35h. Round Table Blockchain applied to Smart Cities and Digital Identity. Speakers:

    • Santiago Rubio Rodrigo (CEO of Zitycard)
    • Joaquín Más Belso (General Manager of Enercoop Group)
    • Moderator: Carmen Pastor Sempere (Director of BAES Blockchain Labs)

12:35 – 13:00h. Manuel Álvarez Fernández and Javier González Ferrer (CEO & co-founder of Cocobay). Blockchain applied to the metaverse.

13:00 – 13.250h. José García Caballero (CEO of Real Fund) Blockchain and the furniture sector.

13:25h. Closing. Pau Bernabeu (Director Campus Alcoi UPV)

From 16 to 18:30h. Workshop and case studies for professionals and students.