03 Feb 2020


12:00 - 13:30

Get Ready for Finance: B Startup Banco Sabadell

Banco de Sabadell, through its BStartup program, organizes on February 3, in collaboration with Comunitat Valenciana Digital District, the ‘Get Ready For Finance’ Conference, in which the specific products and services for startups of the entity. The event will take place in Room 101 of Building 1 of the Digital District at 12:00 hours, and will end at 13:30 hours. The presentation is given by Ángel Buigues, BStartup Advisor of Banco Sabadell.

BStartup is Banco Sabadell’s initiative to support young innovative and technological companies to develop their projects. At the ‘Get Ready For Finance’ conference, there will be a review of the different formulas of economic resources that are available to a technology-based company and / or startup profile. From the public lines closest to this type of company, private investment in capital, bank financing and also other alternative formulas such as crowdfunding.

In addition, this session will also analyze the different aspects that are usually used in risk analysis, both banking and from other formulas of economic resources. Among them, the logic applied by an investor to assess the viability of their entry as a shareholder in a startup.


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