25 Nov 2020


09:00 - 14:00




Distrito Digital

I Technologic-Logistic Port Forum: towards the Robotization of Processes

Comunitat Valenciana Digital District and the Alicante Port Authority (APA) organize, on November 25 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the ‘I Technologic-Logistc Port Forum: towards the Robotization of Processes’, with a mixed format (face-to-face and virtual). The forum is for private assistance and is part of the cycle of B2B events planned by both institutions to address the analysis of the enabling technologies necessary to move towards a Port 4.0.

The ‘I Technologic-Logistc Port Forum: towards the Robotization of Processes’ is structured in two parts: a plenary session with selected speakers for the theme of each Forum, followed by virtual bilateral meetings between the companies that so desire. The meeting will feature speeches by the president of the Alicante Port Authority (APA), Juan Antonio Gisbert, the General Director of SPTCV, Antonio Rodes and the APA director, Carlos Eleno.

The moderator of the forum will be José Manuel Leceta, head of the Innovation Division of the APA, who will address the challenges of Process Automation with specialists and representatives of the innovation units of the companies Deloitte, Alfatec and AuraQuantic.

The objective of this cycle of events programmed by Digital District and APA is to make the technologies developed by the technology companies of Distrito Digital available to the entities involved.

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