Digital District Based In

Digital District Based In

Become a Based In company at Digital District and enjoy the opportunities offered by living in a technological ecosystem with best prospects in the Mediterranean. From our headquarters, you will be able to work in collaboration with other professionals and startups to arrive at aligned proposals, identify pilot projects and share talent and knowledge.

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At Distrito Digital we have spaces and services suitable for all types of companies, we help you find the right one for you.

Established companies


If your company develops a technological product or service, or is dedicated to a production area specifically for this purpose, you have the opportunity to locate your headquarters, or part of them, in the spaces of Digital District in the Valencian Community.

The requirement is that the activity of your company be related directly with new products, services or processes which entail a substantial improvement in comparison with the state of the art in your sector. If your business’ strategy is based on technology, and you can demonstrate that you regularly and effectively undertake a technological activity aimed at the market, and that the company is validly constituted, you can locate it in the Digital District of the Valencian Community!


As a Digital District Based In company you will be able to participate in the events held at our headquarters and will form part of our ecosystem, thereby benefiting from national and international promotional actions carried out.

The companies located in the Digital District are the core and essential part of our programme of activities, which allow them to interact and collaborate with the other international companies established there. It is a unique opportunity to share talent and broaden horizons.

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Comunitat Valenciana Digital District has created a participation programme for companies and entities which identify with the objectives of the programme, and which wish to form part of the project.
The participation of all member companies is essential for the success of the Digital District and the development of a technological hub of international importance in the Valencian Community.

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