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What is Digital District?

Digital District is more than a project for establishing businesses, ideas and talent – it is the headquarters of technological transformation and the digital economy where, with its boost to innovation, companies in the sector can establish themselves for undertaking their activity and projects and thereby contribute to the change of the economic model.

The main objective is to boost the Digital Economy in the Valencian Community, from the supply and management of spaces and services for technological companies, creating a unique, diverse ecosystem, whose differentiating factor is the quality of the projects generated by the companies which move there and join it.

Notable in the Digital District service catalogue are the personalised hosting plan, the training of professionals of the businesses established there and undertaking technological events oriented toward the market.

Digital District is a lively space whose activity is expected to be a global point of reference. It is the perfect space for attracting and developing talent, a unique technological hub with its own character and will surely transform the Valencian Community into a differentiated ecosystem capable of crossing borders.

Where is the Digital District?

Comunitat Valenciana Digital District is located in the Region of Valencia, and in its first phase has four operating headquarters in the province of Alicante: three headquarters in the Agua Amarga complex, with Digital District Building I (5,600m2 of useful area), Digital District Building II (5,900m2 of useful area) and Digital District Building 4 (1.800m2 of useful area); and one headquarters in the Maritime Station of the Port of Alicante, considered Digital District Building III. The project has a fifth building in Dock 5 of the Port of Alicante, which will have an area of 9,445m2, and other future headquarters throughout the Valencian Community.

Digital District uses the competitive advantages of our region and hosts talent which comes to live and work in the Valencian Community. It is a space open to the business world in all aspects in the national and international landscape. It is an ideal project for companies who wish to establish themselves in the Valencian Community as a location for developing their most innovative ideas.

Within the Digital District, the companies established receive all basic supplies for their activity, such as electricity and water, internet, concierge, toilets, meeting rooms, audiovisual room, parking and office furniture. In addition to the physical services, the project also offers a business hosting and consulting plan, as well as a wide range of training for the professionals arriving can increase their knowledge and thereby create a community of highly qualified talent. Additionally, the companies that participate in the project will also have the opportunity to participate in and carry out events related with technology and innovation in order to make the Digital District a point of reference in this new economic model, gathering professionals of this field there with the objective of interacting at a national and international level.

Distrito Digital Branches

Building I of Digital District

Agua Amarga of Alicante. 5,600 m2

Building II of Digital District

Agua Amarga of Alicante. 5,900 m2

Building III of Digital District

Port of Alicante. 7,285 m2

Alicante Quay 5

9,445 m2. Forecast for 2020

Join Distrito Digital

Distrito Digital of the Comunidad Valenciana has created a participation programme for companies and entities identified with the objectives of the programme and want to form part of the project.
Participation of all the adhered companies is fundamental for the success of the Distrito Digital and development of a technological hub of international relevance in the Comunidad Valenciana.


Frequent questions

What services does Distrito Digital offer?2019-08-13T11:56:05+02:00

Distrito Digital offers physical space to establish the headquarters of your company in the Comunidad Valenciana and a packet of services including a welcoming plan, events, training, promotion, finance… The installed companies receive all the basic supplies for its activity, like electricity and water, Internet, concierge, services, meeting rooms, audio-visual rooms, car parks, and office furniture. In addition to the physical services, the project also offers business assessment, as well as a large range of training sessions so the professionals who are installed can increase their knowledge, and that way a community of highly qualified talents.

What is Distrito Digital?2019-08-13T11:56:23+02:00

Distrito Digital is a company attraction programme that allows generating wealth and employment in the field of new technologies, that way fostering the necessary development of digital economy in the Comunidad Valenciana.

Where is Distrito Digital located?2019-08-13T11:56:41+02:00

Distrito Digital is a project in expansion in the entire Comunidad Valenciana, that currently has three headquarters: Building 1 and 2 of Distrito Digital is in Avinguda de Jean Claude Combaldieu, no number of Alicante, and Building 3 in the Maritime Station of Alicante Port.

Who can form part of Distrito Digital?2019-08-13T11:56:56+02:00

Digital economy companies focussed on the technological field for developing support resources, forming part of the following business types: technology, hardware, software, telecommunications, e-Business (referring to all business processes developed by means of computer applications or online platforms), e-Commerce referring to the generation  of businesses and the purchase-sale of assets using Internet as a means of communication.

How do I register in Distrito Digital?2019-08-13T11:57:26+02:00

By presenting requests. Request all the information using our contact form.

If neither of these has resolved your doubts. Please contact us.

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