We are Digital District, the heart of the technological and innovative ecosystem in Alicante, where innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship converge.

We are a committed and passionate community, driven by the vision of strengthening Alicante as a significant benchmark in the global digital and technological landscape.

Initiative of the Valencian Government in 2018 to boost digital and technological development with the commitment to enhance the community towards a prosperous future. Join us on this journey towards advancement and progress.

We believe in innovation as the engine of change and progress

Generalitat Valenciana calls for tenders for the Talent District programme

We are much more than a physical space for the development of innovation. We are committed to being an engine for positive change, providing a conducive environment for business growth, cutting-edge research, and effective collaboration. Every day, the number of companies joining this ambitious collective project grows, enjoying workspaces and locations connected to our innovative ecosystem to launch new initiatives and business projects successfully.

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Join our community as a company or entity, either by establishing yourself in one of the hub spaces to drive the development of your innovation or by collaborating as a partner in training sessions, sharing your experience. Your participation is crucial to collectively build a technologically relevant hub on the international stage.

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