Gaming and eSports in Distrito Digital

In addition to the Company Attraction Plan and the Events, Distrito Digital develops a business unit in the gaming and sports sector.
The Gaming and eSports programme contributes to developing the videogame industry in Spain. This way, the project works to impulse and promote small and micro companies through a business incubator as well as by means of training, development and company consolidation or sponsoring  programmes, among others.


Distrito Digital DDXP

The first trade fairs of the programme came with DDXP, an event organised in Elche last December, and the Gaming Marquee installed in the Alicante Puerto de Encuentro 2019 event. Companies had meetings in these, software developers, videogames, sector professionals and the public interested in knowing all that what the digital environment and innovation can contribute to society.

With this unit, Distrito Digital is supported by its purpose of promoting a digital innovation and technological business network generating a future of wealth and employment in the field of new technologies, that way fostering the necessary development of digital economy in the Comunidad Valenciana environment.


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