Office Europa

Office Europa

Office Europa is a technical office for development and technological surveillance in matters of aid, subsidies and European funds, whose recipients are the entities of the Digital District ecosystem, as well as all those collaborating entities of the hub in the Valencian Community.


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If you want to know more about the different financing options regarding European Funds, contact Office Europa.

Avenida Jean Claude Combaldieu s/n. Ciudad de la Luz. Edificio de apoyo a Producción 3. 03008 Alicante

More information

Information, advice and support

In person or online; attention to those requests that are received and an offer of response according to the priority identified. Coordination with the competent public authorities in the subject matter of Office Europa.

Promotion and dissemination

Organization or participation in events organized with the Digital District to facilitate the understanding of the services offered to the hub companies, as well as the communication of content of interest to them.



Organization of specific courses on European financing, adapted to the entities of the Valencian Community Digital District ecosystem.


Collaborate with the actions carried out by the Digital District aimed at attracting talent and new entities, both locally, nationally and internationally. Facilitate collaboration and coordination between ecosystem entities for the materialization of projects.