Digital District offers top-quality infrastructures designed to meet the dynamic needs of businesses and their teams. With a variety of spaces ranging from intimate offices to impressive facilities, including areas dedicated to organizing events, training sessions, and presentations.

We believe in real and sustainable growth, which is why our spaces adapt flexibly to the changing needs of businesses. Additionally, we provide personalized guidance to help you select the ideal location and support you at every step of your business expansion.

Muelle 5, located in the Port of Alicante

Situated in a privileged location with views of the sea, Santa Barbara Castle, and the impressive skyline of the city, this space emerges as the ideal choice for technology-driven and innovative companies looking to position themselves in the heart of the future Technological Port Hub of Alicante. Strategically located in proximity to the upcoming artificial intelligence training facility, this building stands as the perfect blend of strategic location and advanced technology.

  • 4 cube-shaped buildings (A, B, C, and D)
  • 2 floors per building
  • 4 outdoor terrace areas on the ground floor
  • 1 rooftop terrace with panoramic views
  • Multipurpose areas for meetings or events
  • Approximately 500 m2 per floor
  • 80 workstations per floor
  • Total number of parking spaces: 191 spaces
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Building 1 in Ciudad de la Luz: ideal for audiovisual companies

Building 1 presents itself as the ideal choice for companies in the audiovisual sector. With a strategic location and modern facilities, this building provides an environment conducive to enhancing creativity and innovation in the audiovisual field. This 5600m2 space offers an exceptional location with stunning sea views, spanning 5 floors that include offices, meeting rooms, an event hall, dining areas, common spaces, and outdoor areas. Additionally, we offer two parking options: an underground garage with 138 spaces and an outdoor area with capacity for 150 vehicles.

Building 2 in Ciudad de la Luz: dedicated to audiovisual and the gaming industry

Located by the sea in the Agua Amarga complex of Alicante, Building 2 of Distrito Digital sits on 5,900 m2 of usable space. It features 2 floors of offices, a meeting room, an auditorium, dining facilities, common areas, an outdoor terrace, and surface parking with 250 spaces.

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